Amir: The Adorable!

    Born in Paris in 1984, Amir has inside him all the cultures. With origins from Tunisia from his father, Morocco-Spanish from her mother, French from his birth and Israeli from his life.
    His ambition since he was a child was to be an artist, he dreamed of performing on stage in front of big audience. In 2013 Amir took part in the TV Talent Show “The Voice” in France, the audience loved him and brought him to the final.
    “Au coeur de moi” is the title of the debut album of Amir. The album includes themes that the singer cherishes, his spirituality, his idealism and musical influences.
    One of the most promising artist in France, Amir delivers his message with his first single “J’ai cherché.”

We have the honour to host in our site the incredible new talent of France Mr. Amir, in a very special and joyful conversation.

First of all, congratulations for your representation!
So Amir, music was always your passion?
    Yes! Of course, from my childhood!

Who was your influence in music from your childhood? Have you had Idols in your childhood?
    Honestly yes, I had many dreams when I was younger, dreams of been like Michael Jackson. Later on I thought about Stevie Wonder and Elton John who was my big influences. Today my strongest reference in music is the group One Republic from United States, and from France Patrick Bruel who is also an actor except an incredible singer.

Who was the person who believed in your possibilities and helped you be who you are today?
    I will surprise you with my answer, Patrick Bruel himself! He came to perform in Israel in 2008, and he offered me the opportunity to come on stage and sing with him a song of his that I have translated to Hebrew. I was a very beginner singer I had only one thing in mind that was my Dentistry study, the way this offer came I said immediately “Yes” and I was so touched to have such a big opportunity in the beginning of my career, I didn’t even have a career, it gave me the start, it was very generous, he wanted to help me. By the way he wrote a song for the Eurovision for France few years ago.

You always been a Eurovision fan?
    Yes, Yes! Today even more but I always watched the show with my family.

Which are your favourite Eurovision songs and what is your favourite from France?
    From the past I would say “L'oiseau et l'enfant” of Marie Myriam, from the present I would say “Euphoria” from Loreen and my best French entry in the last years was from Jessy Matador “Allez Olla Olé.”

France is one of the first seven countries that made Eurovision Song Contest reality. Do you feel any pressure for the long history that your country has?
    Well, the French history in Eurovision was glorious in the beginning, two years after it was created they won and they won again two years later and again two years later, then after 1977 became the first country that won the Eurovision for five times. They had enormous expectations from France back then but till then something happened, it’s been almost forty years that France didn’t have the chance to win the contest or even the last years is hard for France to be in the Top 10.
    So, of course I feel a part of a big history and I think that France deserves to be put back in the important countries of Eurovision with glorious representations. I really hope from the bottom of my heart to be able to bring honour to my country, I will do my best and I have so much to prove. We are working very hard with one thing in mind “We want to do well!”

You have a very beautiful song with a very powerful clip, what “J’ai cherché” means to you?
    And with a Greek Tae Kwon Do fighter! It means what I have been looking for, I have try to find during all of my life which was not probably my first profession, and I was so happy to let music come into my life and make it way better. So, the song speaks about the time I was looking for something to be happier, when I found music I definitely became stronger and I want to thank the music for what I t brought to me by singing “You are the one that’s making me strong”, this is what I felt for music and until now I’m thanking music every day with a smile because I am happy to do what I’m doing. This is the story of the song; even though it’s written in a way that everyone can relate to it differently with his own story. Everyone has something that makes him happy and make him proud and makes him feel more indignity.

The truth is that when I heard it I found some fragments of my life of my personal history between the lines! It’s very important for me the music.
    I am very very touched about what you think.

And one last question, have you ever been to Greece?
    Yes! Many times. By the way today I am going to an interview in French International Radio with Nikos Aliagas. He was the host of “The Voice” in France and a friend of mine. He is very very kind man, very true person.
    I even sing in Greek sometimes! Many songs in Israel was translated from Greece.

And many songs from Israel in Greek also. I think Israel and Greece we are very connected!
    Yes that is true! I feel at home when I go to Greece, because it’s so much like Israel to me.

So you like Greece… a message to your Greek fans?
    Well thank you so much, I am very surprised to discover people from around the world that listened to my music and like it and connect to it. The music has no boundaries and everyone we are a big family thanks to music and thanks to Eurovision.
    I want to thank people in Greece for being so welcome and couraging and I hope that they will like my performance on May 14 th.

I like to thank Amir from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful conversation. I hope all his dreams come true and bonne chance in the Grand Final of 14 th of May!

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